Brigitte Should Have Been Made Available for the Offseason Competitive Mode via /r/Overwatch

Brigitte Should Have Been Made Available for the Offseason Competitive Mode

I understand that Blizzard wanted to test out restricting a newly released hero from competitive play throughout the remainder of a season, but there really isn't any reason to restrict heroes even during the subsequent offseason.

When Blizzard restricts heroes from competitive play, they are presumably doing so to ensure that as many people as possible will have become familiar with it in quick-play before it is playable in comp, thereby preserving the competitive nature of the mode. But I think we all sorta know that there are many players like myself who dislike quick play so much that we refuse to play it, even for the sake of practicing any new heroes.

I was really hoping to get some practice with Brigitte in a more competitive environment than quick play before the next season begins. Ignoring any belief that offseason-comp is no different from quick play, the competitive offseason mode is the perfect setting for players to practice any heroes they might want to pick up. But, lo and behold, Brigitte is still unavailable.

So, what am I going to do? Well, I want to play Brigitte a lot. She's new, interesting, and will undoubtedly shake up the meta. So, my first real experience with her will be in comp. And yes, my unfamiliarity with her kit and situational utility will probably strongly contribute to my teams losing the first handful of matches I play with her. Oh well. We all hate losing several comp matches in a row, but some of us hate playing quick-play even more.

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